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Scrivener Mac – The first thing that caught my eye in the list of new things in Scrivener 2 is the ability to publish to Kindle ePub format. If you now want to publish so that your masterpiece can be read on the iPad, Kindle or other ebook readers than you can export your draft directly out of Scrivener.

Scrivener 2 for authors

Scrivener’s Compile feature has been overhauled, so you can now control everything from how footnotes, headers and footers appear to fine-tuning the formatting of each level of your draft—or keep it simple by choosing from one of Scrivener 2.0’s convenient presets. Benefit from improved Final Draft 8 integration and refined RTF export. Generate a contents table using Scrivener Links that becomes a real table of contents in your RTF file or printed document. And now you can export directly to Kindle or ePub formats, too, for self-publishing or reading on popular e-readers such as the Kindle, Sony Reader or iPad.

Syncing your work with mobile apps

Another great addition is the ability to sync your work with applications that use DropBox, something that we should all be using. DropBox really is very useful. You can sync with Simple Note, one of my favourite applications on my iOS devices. When you get back to your main computer, just sync again to bring your changes back into your project. You can also share RTF files with collaborators—or just edit work on a computer without Scrivener—and have the changes synced back to your project using the Sync with External Folder feature. There is also now a Scrivener Windows and reports from Literature and Latte Software that there will be a Scrivener app for iOS in the future. I look forward to seeing a Scrivener iPad app one day.

Read about Ulysses vs Scrivener 2012 to get more insight on the possibilities of writing apps. My preference is to use Scrivener 2.


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